About us
About Chershire

We collaborate to provide solutions for your business. Our expertise in Information technology and advisory services helps navigate complex business questions. Our suit of products helps business achieve digital transformation while our advisory services are crafted to support policy making, planning, and execution.

We believe that everything that we do should not be just an incident but an experience. Similarly, the products that we produce should be an experience that is worth every money spent.

We are a multifaceted company into Information Technology products and services, Project Consulting, Environment, Infrastructure, and Social Development. The spectrum of our services is growing into niche areas. The hunger to excel and to give good returns to our investors, and the Chershire family, is the supreme commitment.

That is something that pushes us to go far, and challenge ourselves, to venture into the unknown terrain.

We collaborate with people and brands to drive innovation and transform the future of the industry together. As consumers trend toward premiumization, we’re exploring new ideas and technologies, and connecting with people and brands that are reaching to fulfil those desires.

What we do

With Government and Public we collaborate to provide solutions in the sphere of Urban Planning, Infrastructure Development, Environment & Solid Waste Management, Urban mobility/Transportation, Social Development, Process issues and Information Technology. Our team has extensive experience in providing solutions in these areas. We support our clients in strategy, policy making, planning, and execution.

Ideas can take off, or it can nosedive to the ground. The attitude to take off again is the key. Every moment, we think of doing something, that is innovative, unique, or bold. One question that keeps coming back : What is next?