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Participative journalism, and news pin up to follow up is unique to thenewsboom.com. Our editorial team possess rich experience in mainstream journalism and they work together to bring a change in the outlook of online news media.

  • Bust the myth or false propaganda
  • Give a perspective, rest leave it to the reader
Media plays a very important role of every human being. Media can be for fun, entertainment, information, or education, but it touches
everybody’s life. It comes in many forms and factors. We are in News Media delivered over the Web.

We believe that at this age of information super highway, where news reaches faster than sound and spreads even faster than wildfire, it is important to find gaps and be responsible to show the truth without bias, prejudice or bigotry. There are many mediums and platforms that propagate fake news and news with propensity for hatred.

NEWS BOOM thrives to counter these through our ideologies to :

There are many news channels and news portals, and yet we are different from them as we give the control of our feature articles to the citizen/readers. We take input from them in order to ascertain which news item to be followed till conclusion. We also provide a feature
for News Pin-up. This gives option to the reader to track and follow the feature through its development. As and when there is an update on the feature, the users get update in their user profile. The articles cover all the major topics from Politics, Development, Defence, Sports, Health, Violence, Human Rights, Corruption, and National Integrity, more specific to India. It has a corner called Highlights and Flashback which carries appropriate features.

We encourage participative journalism, where citizen can report news worthy items related to the core topics from their regions, and we develop the news item after verification.

NEWS BOOM comes in 2 languages English and Hindi.

Our editorial team possess rich experience in mainstream journalism having worked with major publications like Hindustan Times for over 30 years, and other news media like TIMES, CNN IBN, Patrika etc.

NEWS BOOM can be accessed over www.newsboom.com and available as Mobile App on Google Play for Android and Apple App Store for IOS devices.